Posted by: tranquilpc | April 17, 2008

The Atom CPU – cool cool and cool

atom_78Tranquil labs are now testing the new Intel ATOM CPU based mini-itx board (D945GCL – D202 – Little Falls)

The 1.6GHz model (64 bit ready, with HT enabled) is proving, at first glance to be everything and more than we expected.


Over the coming days our findings will be published.  Initially we have been amazed with the core CPU performance, coupled with the almost zero power consumption (approx 2W).  The system under test has a Intel 945G chipset, which unfortunately was supplied with a fan/heat sink on the north bridge – suggesting heat generation, and upon initial investigations, this chip did need that cooling.  What a shame such a brilliant low powered CPU has been coupled with what appears to be a (relatively)power hungry NB chip. 

The power consumption of the ‘system’ is lower (approx 6W) than the earlier D201GLY2 (Celeron CPU + SiS chipset) – so it’s a step in the right direction.  More comprehensive data to follow.

Later today I hope to publish some pictures of the tiny CPU on the test unit we have. 
(my camera data lead is at home !) – Camera lead located – here are the pictures – see below – the CPU is tiny !


The board – in all it’s glory !
(incl. the standard Intel 4 way CPU power plug – so un-necessary)



Tranquil expect to be shipping systems based on this powerful, yet low power platform later in May 2008.  Watch out for some interesting, efficient and affordable systems.


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