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The Ubuntu Orange Box

The Orange Box is an innovative, custom designed micro cluster chassis, envisioned by Canonical, and contract manufactured by TranquilPC Limited. The chassis includes a small cluster of Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) boards, and is particularly well suited for portable demonstration and local prototyping of cloud workloads.  The Orange Box, manufactured in the UK to exacting standards is available to order and ships internationally (free of charge). 

The Orange Box

For a full set of product photographs – visit our gallery here

To get the full specifications – please visit the Ubuntu Orange Box product page


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Maeve O’Boyle on STV

Maeve O’Boyle, Scotland’s 25 year old singer / songwriter, speaks to STV

Learn more – here

Watch the live recording here

Maeve endorses AVA Media – The Maestro

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AVA Media Maestro-50 gets its first review

From ToneAudio (US) – click on the images for full size images for easier reading






To read the full article (a good read to anyone who loves music) head over to ToneAudio (link to the full 25MB on line magazine) – flick down to page 60


22nd February 2013 (Bristol, UK)

Gordon (Toy Town records) says “This is a fantastic partnership. AVA Media are leaders in the world of hi-fi, power amplification and digital streamers. Their products are first class and sound amazing. As the producer of Maeve’s new album, I worked really hard to make sure the record sounded as real as possible. Playing the album through AVA’s Maestro 50 amplifier really blew me away… AVA customers are in for a treat!”

To learn more, please visit : Toy Town Records

The Maestro-50 and other true digital amplifiers are available in UK from PureAudioStream for a list of overseas suppliers, please visit AVA Media

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Bristol Show (2013), many thanks

AVA Media were very pleased to meet many new faces, as well as many existing customers

Almost all visitors to room 320 enjoyed the clarity and power delivered from the Maestro-50 amplifiers on demo.  Every likes enjoys sound in a different way, and although many felt the Linn 140s delivered a full rounded sound, others liked the B&W640 series, other felt the deep bass reproduced from the Gurus amazing. 

With many familiar faces, there were a few celebrities too:  Maeve O’Boyle graced us with a live performance of three of her recent songs – simply beautiful.  We also had the opportunity to demonstrate the UK designed and manufactured amplifiers with Jon Bentley of ‘The Gadget Show’ – he really liked the sound, the quality, and UK pedigree

We’ll come back with more notes and pictures of room 320, but for now we just wanted to thank you for coming along.  For those that ordered the Maestro, we hope you’ve already had your unit delivered.

We’ve also been advised that the ‘Bristol’ offer – saving you 15% off any Maestro amplifier, including the brand new -150P and –50S models has been extended for a few days more – so don’t delay.

Learn more about the True Digital Amplifiers
Order a True Digital Amplifier (use the coupon code BRISTOL to save 15%)

Image below is part of the rear connectivity of the Maestro-150P (the ‘Precision’)


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Here’s is what Swedish dealer says about the Maestro

AVA-Maestro 50. What is it with this little box?


This tiny box, about the size of your hand, has been taking up all of our attention since we received the very first prototype ever made back in December. The production models are literally flying out the door and for a while we had 100% hit rate on customers visiting our shop ,,, we are still close to that rate even 4 or 5 weeks into stocking it.
So it’s small, very small. It comes in a machined from solid aluminium chassis (see above CAD), black anodised and laser etched logo and text, something unheard of at this price but rather associated with super high end products determined to get the absolute best shielding, stability and finish. So it feels and looks amazing, like ‘real’ quality, way over the expectation at that price.
It’s 50W but I’m told, actually 65W so it packs a punch and delivers even with some impressive floor-standers. There is no remote and just two inputs, both digital (spdif & Toslink) and they are manually switched so it is very minimalist. This is what really surprised me when I started using it … what a relief that it’s so simple … almost mechanical. Send a signal, it automatically comes out of standby and plays, I’m not searching for a remote because there isn’t one.
We are littered with music renderers (source products) in our homes, Sonos player, MacMini, Apple TV, Airport express, Smart TV, PS3, Boxee, LINN, naim, Simple Audio … and so on. I have an embarrassing amount of ways to stream both music & film ,,, lets face it, just one or two is enough so do I need more renderers, more APPs, more remotes … No!
When thinking about the above scenarios you start to see that Maestro is a simple box that just works with anything you have without ”butting in”! It just gives amazing performance from any of the products that have digital out and lets face it, that’s just about everything. So yes it’s a simple aluminium block with just one function … to amplify a digital signal to your speakers. So if that’s it’s function, does it do it well? I’ll answer that shortly! First lets just mention that this takes open digital code and converts it to an amplified analogue signal to your speakers. It does this without a DAC, well what we all understand a DAC to be … it does it with a different technology, something they call ‘pure-audio-stream’ with a pulse-code-modulated (PCM) to pulse-width-modulated (PWM) converter called a modulator .. I have no idea what that means but it apparently has no digital clock so it has no clocking problems, no jitter … I understand that!
So how good does it sound? Well with an airport express, an ipad, Spotify premium and a pair of LINN Majik 109 speakers (11450 Sek) … I can fool any visitor into believing the Maestro costs 30,000 Sek and that I am playing high quality files!
It’s probably the cleanest sound I have ever heard from any HiFi and that is what this tini box is, it’s a HiFi, the only HiFi you need in a home and it’s a really good one. It’s also one of the most pure sounding HiFi’s I have heard. This sounds silly but a dog sounds like a dog, like a real dog! I watched ‘Alla vi Barn i Byllerbyn” hence the comparison but honestly I never heard Childred, birds, and music sound so REAL like this. For me this delivers completely uncoloured sound ,,, crystal clear! I’d say it probably ranks extremely highly as one of THE best studio tools around … absolutely perfect for listening for detail and individual instruments and effects.
So it costs 2995 Sek, which is rather a bad joke, when you consider the chassis it comes in, never mind the amazing performance. Bearing in mind I make my living from sales of rather expensive equipment, is this a good thing? Well for the customer of course it is, for music … of course it is because the ordinary family with an ordinary budget will now experience music at home way above what they dreamed was possible and get more out of their music!
It’s not even made in China, but rather in a small family owned manufacturing factory in Manchester, England … I mean made there. I sent Gustaf to check! CNC machines, anodizing machines, design & IT, it’s all there … big raw aluminium blocks on forklifts queuing to be made into world class HiFi and IT solutions they provide.
2995 Sek, the size of my hand … actually fits in with everything I use and want, film, music, multi-room with minimal inputs, one retractable knob (also made from machines-in-house aluminium) head volume control, which for most uses, is not used (I’m always streaming from media players with tablet control and digital volume control or simply with my smartTV) and an input selector switch which again you hardly use.
I talked about showing off playing Spotify wirelessly comparing to 30,000 Sek boxes well what does it do when you play 24 Bit, 192 Htz direct from MacPro, MacMini or PC for example? It’s totally insane and I have no idea what to compare it with … it’s really really good!
Henryk, the founder from Musicimatic (Gothenburgs oldest Studio with some, NO sorry Henryk … it’s ALL amazing gear and an impressive list of artists recording there) commented:

”I can’t even lift my amplifier in the studio … it sounds amazing, must be trickery, what’s going on … put me down for one” 🙂


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NUC – How cool is that!

The Tranquil NUC official thermal test results are made public.

In order to cool down the Intel CPU and chipset in the NUC, reliably without fans takes great care and experience.  Tranquil have managed to achieve this, in style.  The relationship between exposed surface area (cooler), and heat paths (mass of material), is critical to ensuring effective cooling – the results (chart) shown below demonstrates how good design ensures good results.


Is this the best fan less NUC cooler chassis?

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Intel NUC chassis–from solid aluminium

Tranquil have just released the new NUC case – a high performing chassis to keep your tiny little Intel NUC silent, cool, rugged and beautiful (if you like black)

Get it laser engraved with your name too, if you like that.  See below, view from back


Silence the Intel NUC.

Cut from aerospace grade aluminium and caringly finished by hand, before being anodised, the Tranquil NUC case ensures silent (fan less) operation, long term reliability and rugged beauty.

How does it cool, is it better that a factory NUC?

The fan less case cools down the CPU and Northbridge by direct thermal sinking — that is the chassis itself acts as a huge heatsink, with over 110,000 square millimeters of cooling area. Not only does this keep the unit cool (generally much cooler that a fan assisted standard NUC**), but the heat rises and falls much, much slower — which causes less damage — extending the life of the silicon chips. No fan means no noise, it also means no dust can enter the chassis — extending the operational life far beyond any normal PC."

Available now from

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Get a FREE Maestro-50



The Maestro-50 has already been very well received by 100’s of customers over the last few days, since it’s launch on the 12th December.  So it’s with some excitement we can announce that Tranquil PC are offering a Maestro-50 FREE with a selected number of products.  AVA Media expect a number of other resellers to also offer promotions over the Christmas holidays.

If you would like to learn more – why not take a look at the products that Tranquil are offering with a FREE Maestro-50.  Click here to visit the web page

The product they are offering are media centres and servers:

Media Centre – Media One Bronze
Media Centre – Media One Silver
Media Centre – Media One Gold
Media Centre – ixLS Media Silver
Media Centre – ixLS Media Gold
Media Centre – ixLS Media Platinum
Media Centre – ixLS Media Platinum Net
Custom Build – ixLS Ivy Bridge PC
Server – Riley CP30
Server – Riley CP50

Just order any one of the above items, and the Maestro-50 is automatically added to your cart.

Happy shopping!

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The Maestro-50 True Digital Amplifier, unboxed

Sneak preview of the first Maestro-50 True Digital Amplifier, being taken out if it’s box….



The Maestro-50

The Maestro-50 – special offer, with a pair of Roth Oli2 speakers

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