Posted by: tranquilpc | January 25, 2013

Intel NUC chassis–from solid aluminium

Tranquil have just released the new NUC case – a high performing chassis to keep your tiny little Intel NUC silent, cool, rugged and beautiful (if you like black)

Get it laser engraved with your name too, if you like that.  See below, view from back


Silence the Intel NUC.

Cut from aerospace grade aluminium and caringly finished by hand, before being anodised, the Tranquil NUC case ensures silent (fan less) operation, long term reliability and rugged beauty.

How does it cool, is it better that a factory NUC?

The fan less case cools down the CPU and Northbridge by direct thermal sinking — that is the chassis itself acts as a huge heatsink, with over 110,000 square millimeters of cooling area. Not only does this keep the unit cool (generally much cooler that a fan assisted standard NUC**), but the heat rises and falls much, much slower — which causes less damage — extending the life of the silicon chips. No fan means no noise, it also means no dust can enter the chassis — extending the operational life far beyond any normal PC."

Available now from


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