Posted by: tranquilpc | February 27, 2013

Bristol Show (2013), many thanks

AVA Media were very pleased to meet many new faces, as well as many existing customers

Almost all visitors to room 320 enjoyed the clarity and power delivered from the Maestro-50 amplifiers on demo.  Every likes enjoys sound in a different way, and although many felt the Linn 140s delivered a full rounded sound, others liked the B&W640 series, other felt the deep bass reproduced from the Gurus amazing. 

With many familiar faces, there were a few celebrities too:  Maeve O’Boyle graced us with a live performance of three of her recent songs – simply beautiful.  We also had the opportunity to demonstrate the UK designed and manufactured amplifiers with Jon Bentley of ‘The Gadget Show’ – he really liked the sound, the quality, and UK pedigree

We’ll come back with more notes and pictures of room 320, but for now we just wanted to thank you for coming along.  For those that ordered the Maestro, we hope you’ve already had your unit delivered.

We’ve also been advised that the ‘Bristol’ offer – saving you 15% off any Maestro amplifier, including the brand new -150P and –50S models has been extended for a few days more – so don’t delay.

Learn more about the True Digital Amplifiers
Order a True Digital Amplifier (use the coupon code BRISTOL to save 15%)

Image below is part of the rear connectivity of the Maestro-150P (the ‘Precision’)



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