Blog of David J Thompson, Director of Tranquil PC. A design and development company in Manchester UK.

Although the company provides ‘retail’ solutions, our principle activity is the design, development and manufacture of bespoke systems, based our range of fan less computer systems.  Providing systems to specialised clients, such as Alcatel-Lucent, BBC, T-Systems (T-Mobile), Microsoft and many other un-disclosed clients

Our products tend to be used in the Telecoms (PABX, VOIP), Medical (hospitals, laboratories, tele-care), IT security (web, virus, IP filtering), Office (thin client, servers, desktops), Home (servers, media clients), Entertainment (STB’s, HD systems), and Industrial (control, data logging, safety) markets.

To make contact with me, personally – why drop me a line – david @ tranquilpc.co.uk – I’ll put you in touch with a member of the team, who may be of assistance to you.

In addition to the manufacture of fan less (quiet) systems, we are also committed to ‘green’ systems.  All of our products are designed with the environment in mind.  Our systems are recognised world wide as some of the most environmentally friendly.



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