Posted by: tranquilpc | April 15, 2008

Bad news – son’s car crash

2771553486a2782742995b953224182mlJust a quick note to say that postings will be a little thin for a while.  My youngest son (17) was in a serious car crash (rear passenger) on Sunday AM.  Some better news today, he came out of Intensive Care Unit on Monday afternoon.    He had to have surgery on his large and small intestines, and suffered 2 crushed lumbar (on lower spine) – so not very good.


J_just_do_ItJames, very popular with his family and especially with his (female) friends, climbed out of the car rear window, which crashed into a stone wall, before falling 15′ into a stream below.  He and 3 other people were all admitted to local hospitals.  Two of his friends are in similar condition to James, but the driver (in Preston hospital) was more severely hurt, and as far as I know is still in Intensive Care there.  Sue and I, and all of James family and friends hope his friend, the driver, pulls through OK.

Here he is – in his favourite place, the football pitch !


I’ll let you all know how James gets on, over the coming weeks.

April 22nd  – GOOD NEWS – James leaves hospital.  Seems much better after only one week.  He is going to have to take care of his back – whilst it recovers – so no sport for a while 😦


Thanks to every one for their kind wishes, prayers and support over the last few weeks – much appreciated.



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