Posted by: tranquilpc | April 18, 2008

Cool and cooler (2)

atom_78First results of the integration of the board to the T7 chassis are proving extra-ordinary.

Thermally the 945G is producing much more heat than the CPU (as expected). If just the CPU heat is drawn from the system to the T7 cooler and supporting heat sink shell, it remains cold, very cold.  But the 945G also needs to be cooled too.  If the 945G + the CPU’s heat is drawn to the T7 cooling system, then the CPU is heated slightly by the 945G.

The above is a very safe basis for the Atom powered board to be deployed in numerous applications in the T7 chassis.  With benchmarking results due soon, we are expecting some rather interesting feedback from this technology.  Certainly ‘smart’ thin clients, ‘mixed mode’ thin clients (fat PC performance, with thin client power consumption), 2nd PC (home) use, office PC applications, mobile applications, entertainment uses…. 

CrystalMARK 2004R3 results

VIA 1.5GHz C7 / CN700 2709 2497 1484
Intel Atom 1.6GHz / 945GLC 5472 4601 3985
VAIO* 2.16GHz / 945GME 13818 15417 7544


SiSoft Sandra indicates overall benchmark improvements of 3.2x Intel Atom
over the 1.5GHz C7 CPU.  Performance benchmarking is approximate.

(ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit, FPU – Floating Point Unit, MEM – Memory)

The VAIO reference has been included to indicate what you would expect from today’s a typical ‘performance’ system.


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