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PureAudioStream goes live

If you love your music, and your gadgets, then the Maestro-50 True Digital Amplifier may be just right for you.

Simply connect the input to any digital music source (ie Apple AirPort Express, Apple TV, PS3, DLNA TV, etc ……) and the output to your favourite speakers (or glossy new ones) plus a sub too if you want – and press PLAY.

The sound output is amazing, lively, wide sound stage and room filling (50W).

Composition 2-1280

The technology is normally found on much higher cost units (talking >£10000 here), but AVA Media have managed to reduce the cost, and the size – making the Maestro-50 available so that everyone can rediscover their music again.

To learn more – check out

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Internet Security plus WS2008 Server in 1U

Tranquil PC (OEM) – August 2012

Client requirement:

"Is it possible to provide a 1U fan less chassis, housing a dual SSHDD based system, running Server 2008 – with integrated hardware firewall?  Also it would be nice if the unit could have a redundant PSU service?  Oh, and we would like it in an attractive brushed red finish, branded to our requirements.”

The particular market for the device is commercial maritime and therefore ultra reliability was paramount (you can’t just swap out a server when the vessel is 1 week from land!).  By utilising fan less cooling technology and SSHDDs the resulting unit is rugged and reliable. 

The solution can be seen below:



Notice there are no joins or seams, as the system is cut from a single billet of aerospace aluminium! 

For more details – please see the full story here

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WHS2011 Rollup 3

Do you have a Tranquil PC Riley Home Server?


Then you may want to be aware of a new update, from Microsoft (Rollup 3)

Learn more here

From Friday of this week, a number of Tranquil PC systems are being discounted (just for a few days, in celebration of the CEOs 50th birthday), and one of these is the super slim, amazingly reliable, powerful and silent / near silent Riley – check it out

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Computers Unlimited–and the RIP-N-PLAY

Today saw the official press launch of the RIP-N-PLAY music ripping server.



Simple, effective, affordable luxury – designed and manufactured in UK.
Another success story for UK Ltd!

What is RIP-N-PLAY?

New from British company AVA Media is the RIP-N-PLAY, an all-in-one music ripper, store and server designed to make it easy to set up a complete streaming system

Set-up is just a matter of plugging in power and network cables, while ripping requires no more than the insertion of a disc into the front slot-loading drive. Disc contents are looked up, and the disc ripped and then ejected.

The RIP-N-PLAY is designed, built and supported in the UK by a team drawing on the expertise gained by AVA Media’s sister company. Cased in aerospace-grade aluminium, it’s been designed for low energy consumption and near-silent operation.

Distributed in UK and France by Computers Unlimited, it’s a available from a range of top hi-fi and home cinema retailers – to find your nearest stockist, go to the AVA Media website.

Pocket Lint  -  What Hi-Fi  -  Geekoid (some great pictures here)

The video resolutions on Tranquil ixLS and MMC systems are governed by the Intel main board.

See below some guides re the Video Resolutions


ixLS, , with 2nd Generation Support

VGA Max Res’n 2048 x 1536 (QXGA) (Via DVI > VGA adapter)

DVI-I Max Res’n 1900 x 1200 (WUXGA)

HDMI Max Res’n 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)

DisplayPort Max Res’n 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA)

Image of rear of ixLS, with 2nd Generation Support


MMC-12, with 2nd Generation Support

VGA Max Res’n 2048 x 1536 (QXGA) (Via DVI > VGA adapter)

DVI-I Max Res’n 1900 x 1200 (WUXGA)

HDMI Max Res’n 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)

Image of rear of MMC-12, with 2nd Generation Support


ixLS with 3rd generation Support

VGA Max Res’n 2048 x 1536 (QXGA) (Via DVI > VGA adapter)

DVI-I Max Res’n 1900 x 1200 (WUXGA)

HDMI Max Res’n 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)

DisplayPort Max Res’n 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA)

Image of rear of ixLS, with 3rd Generation Support


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A Jubilee Celebration–with a Limited Edition Silent PC

Jubilee celebrations

We wish Her Majesty a very happy Diamond Jubilee.  For 60 years she has reigned through enormous social and technological change, yet still smiles and works hard.

We are also very happy that this means we are all getting a unique 4 day weekend, with the addition of Tuesday’s National Holiday.

Tranquil offices will be closed from 3PM on June 1st until 9AM on June 6th.


Limited Edition Silent PC, the QED. Only 100 units available

We all like to save and get something special, and over this extended weekend, we have something very special indeed, from our Limited Edition series.

From 1st June until 8th June inclusive, you may wish to browse and consider the QED.  This sleek, Apple TV looking device is simply gorgeous.  It’s a regular PC with Windows 7 installed – with some very unique features.

With large 20mm rounded corners, silky smooth, brushed black elevations, it exudes quality.  It’s cut individually from a single billet of aluminium, to aerospace tolerances – sheer quality.

With a dual core Intel Atom processor, equipped with hardware HD video acceleration, you will be able to use it to run your favourite browsers and Windows 7 applications including Media Centre.

The amazingly low power consumption means you’ll be saving all year round too – even left on all of the time, it will only cost approx 9.00 (UK Pounds) per YEAR to
This device is ONLY available until 8th June or until the limited allocation is all ordered, and after that time you will not be able to order it again, ever.

To learn more and order your Limited Edition QED today, just click here

All units will be delivered to your door at the end of June.

This is not just only a beautiful PC, it’s a collectors item.

Complete with:
Intel Dual Core CPU
64GB MLC mSATA drive
Windows 7 Home Premium
2.5" HDD bay (empty)
Country specific power supply
Limited Edition Certificate

Some facts about the QED

  • The unit is designed and made in England.
  • It’s only 40 mm high and consumes as little as 7W
    (typical 9W, max 11W).
  • It’s 100% silent.
  • With HDMI and integrated 1080 HD video hardware, it’s an ideal media centre client.
  • There is a Swarovski embedded in the front panel.
  • Ready to plug and go, with Windows 7 pre-installed
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Ivy Bridge Silent PCs–are ready

Tranquil PC are pleased to announce the immediate release of ixLS systems built on the powerful, yet efficient Intel’s 3rd Generation Core Processors.

The new ixLS units, also come with Intel’s latest DH77DF motherboards, with a huge array of connections, for such a tiny system, including FireWire, HDMI, DisplayPort, eSATA USB3, high current USB2 and the usual GBE LAN etc!

Our tech guys say the performance is jaw dropping – and that’s in 100%, total, undisturbed SILENCE.

"Smart just got brilliant"

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
intelligently and automatically boosts processor speed just when you need it for performance that adapts to you—it’s that smart.

Intel® Quick Sync Video
, part of our built-in visuals, integrates video conversion hardware into the processor to accelerate performance of editing, burning, and sharing your videos in a snap. Now your videos are waiting for you, not the other way around.

Intel® HD Graphics
, in the 3rd generation of Intel® Core™ processors, integrates the graphics engine and media processing right on the chip to deliver life-like graphics for a better gaming experience. Intel HD Graphics delivers up to 3X performance over previous-generation Intel HD Graphics3,4,5 —with additional headroom for tomorrow’s games. Best of all, no additional hardware is required.

Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
lets each processor core work on two things at once—that’s up to 4-way smart multi-tasking in Intel® Core™ i5—so you can effortlessly move between your applications.

Intel® Clear Video HD Technology
gives you eye-popping, true-to-life visuals—the way they were meant to be seen. A suite of technologies in Intel Clear Video HD Technology delivers sharper and smoother images with richer colours, making every image picture perfect.


Now available in the understated ixLS PC

"it’s amazing, to see a silent PC, running like this! It was once impossible to imagine a low power (running cost) PC giving the user such an amazing experience – no longer do you have to have a full desktop PC – the ixLS, with Intel’s 3rd Generation Core Processors – amazing, yet still silent"


ixLS Ivy Bridge Launch Promotion

SAVE 15% of any ixLS Ivy Bridge order placed online, for a limited period. Use this COUPON   CODE – ixlsib15

With amazing performance and stunning visuals, the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 / i7 processors will let you enjoy more on your PC—at home and at work. You’ll see why the only thing more amazing than a new Tranquil ixLS PC is what you’ll do with it.

Learn more here

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Available now–ixLS with 3rd Gen Core Processors

The ixLS is a very popular and well regarded compact, fan less PC – designed by Tranquil (sadly now copied, but never improved).

Sleek, silent, sexy – and now even more powerful!  – the ixLS, with Intel 3rd Generation Core processors


It now has got a power boost with support for Intel’s highly regarded 3rd Generation Core Processors (Ivy Bridge) – with clever 3D transistors!

What that means is new lower power consumption, higher performing environments.

With loads on connectivity on offer……



For those already using the ixLS on the 2nd Generation Core Processors (Sandy Bridge), there is little to gain, by upgrading your processor (unless you would benefit from series 4000 graphics compared to the earlier series 2000 on the ixLS Sandy Bridge units).  But for new purchases, especially if you want to take advantage of the new processors and the new series 7 main board (even has a Firewire port!) – then the new Ivy Bridge ixLS may be right for you.

Here’s a link to the new systems

Tranquil, as they do on all new systems, are offering a pre-order offer – and that means you can use the following coupon code ixlsib15 – and save 15% off any ixLS Ivy Bridge unit – and that can amount to well over £150.00 for the top of the range i7 powered unit!  (valid for a limited period)

The tech guys at Tranquil were all smiles when they put the i7-3770K through it’s paces in the Intel DH77DF motherboard – “Look at that opening all those applications in real time, without a hitch – never seen such a system before, ever!”

Posted by: tranquilpc | May 11, 2012

Fan less Ivy Bridge (incl ‘-K) performance

In the next few hours, Tranquil will open the doors to the next (3rd) Generation Intel Core processor powered systems.

Initially the first product will be the ixLS, available with a choice of 3rd Generation Core Processors, including the top of the range i7-3770K! 

Systems will be optimised with a brand new Intel main board – supporting a massive range of connections, the DH77DF!


Above the DH77DF, compared the the current popular DH67CF, below:


We’ll update this post once the systems are ready for you to take a look at!

Posted by: tranquilpc | May 10, 2012

Orange PC?

What’s this?


It’s pretty cool?

Bet you can’t guess what CPU and performance this cute little machine has in it?

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