Posted by: tranquilpc | November 2, 2012

PureAudioStream goes live

If you love your music, and your gadgets, then the Maestro-50 True Digital Amplifier may be just right for you.

Simply connect the input to any digital music source (ie Apple AirPort Express, Apple TV, PS3, DLNA TV, etc ……) and the output to your favourite speakers (or glossy new ones) plus a sub too if you want – and press PLAY.

The sound output is amazing, lively, wide sound stage and room filling (50W).

Composition 2-1280

The technology is normally found on much higher cost units (talking >£10000 here), but AVA Media have managed to reduce the cost, and the size – making the Maestro-50 available so that everyone can rediscover their music again.

To learn more – check out


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