Posted by: tranquilpc | August 21, 2012

Internet Security plus WS2008 Server in 1U

Tranquil PC (OEM) – August 2012

Client requirement:

"Is it possible to provide a 1U fan less chassis, housing a dual SSHDD based system, running Server 2008 – with integrated hardware firewall?  Also it would be nice if the unit could have a redundant PSU service?  Oh, and we would like it in an attractive brushed red finish, branded to our requirements.”

The particular market for the device is commercial maritime and therefore ultra reliability was paramount (you can’t just swap out a server when the vessel is 1 week from land!).  By utilising fan less cooling technology and SSHDDs the resulting unit is rugged and reliable. 

The solution can be seen below:



Notice there are no joins or seams, as the system is cut from a single billet of aerospace aluminium! 

For more details – please see the full story here


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