Posted by: tranquilpc | August 15, 2012

Computers Unlimited–and the RIP-N-PLAY

Today saw the official press launch of the RIP-N-PLAY music ripping server.



Simple, effective, affordable luxury – designed and manufactured in UK.
Another success story for UK Ltd!

What is RIP-N-PLAY?

New from British company AVA Media is the RIP-N-PLAY, an all-in-one music ripper, store and server designed to make it easy to set up a complete streaming system

Set-up is just a matter of plugging in power and network cables, while ripping requires no more than the insertion of a disc into the front slot-loading drive. Disc contents are looked up, and the disc ripped and then ejected.

The RIP-N-PLAY is designed, built and supported in the UK by a team drawing on the expertise gained by AVA Media’s sister company. Cased in aerospace-grade aluminium, it’s been designed for low energy consumption and near-silent operation.

Distributed in UK and France by Computers Unlimited, it’s a available from a range of top hi-fi and home cinema retailers – to find your nearest stockist, go to the AVA Media website.

Pocket Lint  -  What Hi-Fi  -  Geekoid (some great pictures here)


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