Posted by: tranquilpc | June 1, 2012

A Jubilee Celebration–with a Limited Edition Silent PC

Jubilee celebrations

We wish Her Majesty a very happy Diamond Jubilee.  For 60 years she has reigned through enormous social and technological change, yet still smiles and works hard.

We are also very happy that this means we are all getting a unique 4 day weekend, with the addition of Tuesday’s National Holiday.

Tranquil offices will be closed from 3PM on June 1st until 9AM on June 6th.


Limited Edition Silent PC, the QED. Only 100 units available

We all like to save and get something special, and over this extended weekend, we have something very special indeed, from our Limited Edition series.

From 1st June until 8th June inclusive, you may wish to browse and consider the QED.  This sleek, Apple TV looking device is simply gorgeous.  It’s a regular PC with Windows 7 installed – with some very unique features.

With large 20mm rounded corners, silky smooth, brushed black elevations, it exudes quality.  It’s cut individually from a single billet of aluminium, to aerospace tolerances – sheer quality.

With a dual core Intel Atom processor, equipped with hardware HD video acceleration, you will be able to use it to run your favourite browsers and Windows 7 applications including Media Centre.

The amazingly low power consumption means you’ll be saving all year round too – even left on all of the time, it will only cost approx 9.00 (UK Pounds) per YEAR to
This device is ONLY available until 8th June or until the limited allocation is all ordered, and after that time you will not be able to order it again, ever.

To learn more and order your Limited Edition QED today, just click here

All units will be delivered to your door at the end of June.

This is not just only a beautiful PC, it’s a collectors item.

Complete with:
Intel Dual Core CPU
64GB MLC mSATA drive
Windows 7 Home Premium
2.5" HDD bay (empty)
Country specific power supply
Limited Edition Certificate

Some facts about the QED

  • The unit is designed and made in England.
  • It’s only 40 mm high and consumes as little as 7W
    (typical 9W, max 11W).
  • It’s 100% silent.
  • With HDMI and integrated 1080 HD video hardware, it’s an ideal media centre client.
  • There is a Swarovski embedded in the front panel.
  • Ready to plug and go, with Windows 7 pre-installed

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