Posted by: tranquilpc | May 11, 2012

Available now–ixLS with 3rd Gen Core Processors

The ixLS is a very popular and well regarded compact, fan less PC – designed by Tranquil (sadly now copied, but never improved).

Sleek, silent, sexy – and now even more powerful!  – the ixLS, with Intel 3rd Generation Core processors


It now has got a power boost with support for Intel’s highly regarded 3rd Generation Core Processors (Ivy Bridge) – with clever 3D transistors!

What that means is new lower power consumption, higher performing environments.

With loads on connectivity on offer……



For those already using the ixLS on the 2nd Generation Core Processors (Sandy Bridge), there is little to gain, by upgrading your processor (unless you would benefit from series 4000 graphics compared to the earlier series 2000 on the ixLS Sandy Bridge units).  But for new purchases, especially if you want to take advantage of the new processors and the new series 7 main board (even has a Firewire port!) – then the new Ivy Bridge ixLS may be right for you.

Here’s a link to the new systems

Tranquil, as they do on all new systems, are offering a pre-order offer – and that means you can use the following coupon code ixlsib15 – and save 15% off any ixLS Ivy Bridge unit – and that can amount to well over £150.00 for the top of the range i7 powered unit!  (valid for a limited period)

The tech guys at Tranquil were all smiles when they put the i7-3770K through it’s paces in the Intel DH77DF motherboard – “Look at that opening all those applications in real time, without a hitch – never seen such a system before, ever!”


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