Posted by: tranquilpc | May 6, 2012

10th year–thank you

Tranquil PC are now in our 10th year of design and manufacture of specialised IT and Media systems.

Thank you to all our customers, like Ollie, who have purchased from us, and continue to support us. 

As a token of our appreciation of your support, we would like to give to you a coupon worth 10% of any order you place on line, during May 2012. 

As a very special thank you, we’ll double that offer to 20% for orders received before May 10th 2012.  Just use the coupon codes at the bottom of this post.

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10th year

Was it possible to design and manufacture a fan less, reliable, silent, and desirable PC?

That was the question 10 years ago. Since then Tranquil have shipped 10,000s of systems all over the world – for use in 100s of different applications.

We have always striven to deliver the best available products and our award gallery is testimony to that. 

Reducing the cost of computing has also been important, and the low running costs and long term reliability of our systems has saved millions of pounds to our customers. 

Providing an environmentally friendly product has also been at the heart of our designs, and over the years the carbon foot print of our products continues to reduce. 

Our recent new range of Uni-body systems, cut from single billets of aluminium have been especially appreciated by the press, critics and our customers alike.  These amazing machines are cut and finished in our Manchester factory – using locally sourced raw materials keeping that carbon cost to a minimum.  They are then finished in our own anodising facility – normally in black, but sometimes other colours too!


Some Facts

  • Did you know that Tranquil design, manufacture and finish all of our Uni-body PCs in Manchester?
  • We’re committed to bringing back manufacture to UK, and investing in UK employment and training.
  • Did you also know that Tranquil PC were the first innovators of ‘green computing’ back in 2004?
  • Since October 2011, we have already completed and shipped over 65 new unique OEM designed solutions!


Bespoke Media Server Systems are back

We’ve recently re-introduced our ‘bespoke’ Media Server packages.  These unique systems are made to your specific requirements, and deliver the best in multi-media entertainment, especially HD and 3DHD video.  For further information drop us a line, and we’ll get in touch – or see the package systems here  (they are included in our 20% offers too)

Those promised coupon codes

SAVE  20% of ANY order placed online, before 10th May

        use this COUPON CODE – 10THSPECIAL20

SAVE   10% of ANY order placed online, during May 2012

        use this COUPON   CODE – 10THSPECIAL10

Tranquil Blog | OEM designs | Media Centres | Bespoke Media Systems


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