Posted by: tranquilpc | May 5, 2012

Anodising @ Tranquil

Since the end of December 2011, Tranquil have been developing and enhancing anodised finishing processes for its range of CNC cut PCs.

imageIn April 2012 the main development phase was completed and the professional line was completed. The line is now capable of finishing high numbers of units, to very high standards. 

The 19 stage line ensures that every unit receives the same treatment, with exact timing and temperature control.  The final treatment ensures optimal cooling for the systems as well as a deep protective and decorative surface. 

Anodising is by no mean a new industrial process, it’s been around since 1923, for protecting sea plane parts – then in 1927 the process of using sulphuric acid was patented.  In simple terms the process causes or ‘grows’ aluminium oxide on the surface of the aluminium, this is done by passing very high currents at low voltages and carefully controlled temperatures between the aluminium part, and a (lead) cathode whilst being submersed in a suitable electrolyte (sulphuric acid). 

imageThis ‘growth’ is very porous initially, before it is sealed, and accepts coloured dyes.  It not only provides a protective barrier to the aluminium, it also is extremely hard!  It also greatly enhances the cooling effect of the aluminium surface.  The ultimate cooling surface is known as a ‘black body’ a very matt black material that gives off (emits) the most heat per square meter of surface – careful and specialised anodising can actually improve the ‘black body’ effect still further!  There is a huge amount of science behind black body cooling (ie Wien’s displacement law)

By very carefully controlling chemical balances, temperatures, process times and cleanliness it is possible to get very close to the perfect ‘black body’ and that combined with very high surface areas (typically over 300,000 sq mm on Tranquil systems) means systems operate without the need for force air cooling (fans) but do not heat up excessively – even when using powerful CPUs!

All units are normally satin black but a small number of ‘coloured’ pilot runs have been completed, with attractively finished machines in purples, and orange.


Tranquil’s controlled processes ensures that finishes are excellent and consistent – ie as seen on the front panel of a high end Audio system component…


Or here..



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