Posted by: tranquilpc | April 10, 2012

Mini Media Centre for rugged mobile / marine

Tranquil PC  April 2012

Case Study (IT-P2NO) – To design and deliver a miniature high performance media player.

The client requirement was to design a unit that could be stand alone, or be installed in a rack (2 units side by side).  The device would be used to playback network hosted HD Video files via HDMI.

The unit had to be silent, and extremely rugged (as it would be deployed in mobile applications including marine) 

The product was also to be one in a series of 3 appliances, and cosmetic detailing would flow across the 3 units, the frontal detail of the edge ‘bars’ would ensure compliance to the family of products.

Careful attention had to be applied to create such a small device, including a low cost solid state HDD (1.8” style), especially as the unit housed a powerful Intel i3 CPU.

The client required frontal USB and IR RX ports along with a ‘white halo’ power switch, all of which were included in the design

The concept develops.. 


So the chassis was completed, and was accepted by the client.  It met performance, thermal, cost and MTBF targets.  The chassis picture below is a perfect copy of the CADCAM designed model.


The units are finished in our own specialised anodising department to ensure the surfaces are not only excellent at transferring heat from the units, but also are very tough and will withstand years of use.  The super matt black surfaces and heat fins are specially designed and finished to ensure 100% product effectiveness. 

Our new ‘slip’ additive to the final process stage now creates a ‘silky smooth’ feel to the matt black elevations.  It also reduces finger marking which can be troublesome on matt black surfaces.

The finished item (below) additionally sports a custom laser etched logo to the front.



Timescale from initial enquiry to delivery of the first sample was only 4 weeks.

If you are looking for a customised product for your organisation please contact us


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