Posted by: tranquilpc | February 8, 2012

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Often imitated, never duplicated.

There are many companies who try to copy the amazing Tranquil designs, but never quite get there – PC Pro review of the latest Quiet PC demonstrate this:

PC Pro said “Even reducing its specification to the Tranquil’s level gives a £1,121 price, and considering its larger size and lower reliance on clever miniaturisation, that’s far too much. It’s a nice PC, and it has a degree of flexibility, but if you’re after a passively cooled media machine, buy the Tranquil and pocket the extra cash.”

The Tranquil is made from a single billet of aluminium, that is the key to it’s super slim size, and amazing quality – but this process is either very expensive to manufacture or invest in!

Tranquil not only continue to invest in UK manufacturing, but also now ‘anodise’ in house too, ensuring 100% quality control, consistency and performance.


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