Posted by: tranquilpc | December 5, 2011

What is a Riley Server?

The previous success stories of our Home and Storage servers have been well documented.  The tiny T7, the rack T2, the ground breaking SQA-5H and more recently the Leo HS4… now the Riley is available.

After listening to our users, and refining our range – we are please to announce Riley, the ultimate Home Server and Storage Server:

  • Backup 10x or 25x PCs or Macs
  • Centralise all of your data files
  • Fully protect all of your data (duplicate)
  • Easily expand your storage requirements
  • Stream media files to all manner of playback devices, including internet connections
  • Securely share / upload / download your files via your own personal cloud server
  • and much more

Riley does all of the above, in silence and style – you’ll be proud to put this server on show!

Learn more about ‘why Riley’?’

Get the .pdf flyer

Review the products : Riley Home Server  Riley Storage Server


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