Posted by: tranquilpc | October 21, 2011

T7 WHS gets a facelift, from only £199+VAT

WHS2011 – With the T7-SEHS

Tranquil PC – 21-10-11


Tranquil PC, first released their award winning T7 Home Server back in September 2007.  Since then there have been many additions to our Home Server range, yet still the T7 is still very popular.

The success of the T7 Home Server could be down to:

· The rugged chassis, made from extruded aluminium, which also facilitate the fan less cooling of the total system

· The super slim size, measuring in at a mere 57mm wide

· The super low power consumption, of under 16W

· The super quiet character, at around 15-16dBA. 

Whatever the reason that 10’000s of these tiny award winning Home Servers have been sold. There are now two new features to enhance the T7

· T7 gets WHS2011            
The T7, with its dual core 1.8GHz CPU, is now available with the very latest Windows Home Server 2011 operating system

· SAVE                                    
For a limited time, Tranquil are offering the unique T7 SEHS Home Server from just £199.00* +VAT

(* 2GB 1x 2.5” 500GB HDD – with 1x slot free)

For further information – please visit:


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