Posted by: tranquilpc | October 16, 2011

iMono Review–Andrew Edney

Andrew’s review of the iMono PC

UWHS - Tranquil PC iMono

Check out the review

He said:

I mentioned earlier that the iMono was heavy – it really is, but it also silent. I don’t mean there is a little noise coming from it, I mean it is completely, 100% quiet, not a whisper or a peep coming out of it. Now that is nice!

Expandability wise, other than increasing the memory or the storage space using mSATA, there is no internal expandability available, so any storage space you want to add or use would have to be external (which is ok because the iMono has both eSATA and USB 3.0 ports). So you could also add an external TV tuner card and make this into a nice silent Media Center PC (although you really would want the home version of the iMono)!

The iMono performed well in all our tests, and it was great that it included an HDMI port which meant it was easy to connect to a TV and use as a Media Center. After several hours of use the case felt quite hot, but I think that it down to the material and the home version probably won’t have quite the same issue.

Cost wise, the iMono starts at £329.00 + VAT at 20% (note that price doesn’t include a CPU or memory – it’s just for the unit and motherboard, so you will have to select some options). As usual with Tranquil, there are a number of options to choose from. The cost of the review unit we had was £706.95 + VAT. Now that is not exactly the cheapest PC on the market, but then you have to remember that you are paying for the quality, not to mention the completely silent nature of the PC.

Tranquil are offering a pre-order deal:

We are pleased to announce that the iMono is available on a pre-order basis. Orders received prior to the planned shipping date of 9th November, can be discounted by including the following coupon code at our checkout : MONO59

We have given the iMono 4 out of 5. It just missed out on 5 out of 5 due to the cost, although you get what you pay for in both build quality and silence. So if you want a high quality, silent and small PC, then take a serious look at the iMono.


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