Posted by: tranquilpc | October 5, 2011

iOne PC is available

In the previous post, you will have seen the new iOne PC, a unique UK designed and manufactured system.

The seamless, single piece chassis, with integral CPU / HDD cooling systems is absolutely unique. Every chassis is cut from a single billet of aerospace grade aluminium, to amazing tolerances (we are talking single microns here).

Initially only destined for HiRel (Industrial / Transportation / Communications – High Reliability applications) a limited number of our monocoque PC systems are being released for general sale.
The iOne series may only be available for a short time, and if you are interested in the technology, we urge you to consider your order.

This is no ordinary PC, in fact other than a MB / CPU / RAM and HDD, the unit does not resemble a PC at all. Many have said this is like a Mini Mac, but running standard PC hardware / software.
No seams, no nasty edges, no vents, no fans, zero (or near zero noise) – just a monolithic block of technology.

The iOne, has sharp lines, with a thick unique surface finish to protect it from all manner of elements, and also to ensure it cools down efficiently. It also feels very smooth to the touch.

To lean more – and claim a very substantial saving (60.00 + VAT discount) – why not visit the iOne web page.


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