Posted by: tranquilpc | September 2, 2011

ixLS Bare Bones – now available

Tranquil PC, Manchester
2nd September

Save over £100 on the ixLS Bare Bones PC, and save even more!

Today sees the release of ixLS Bare Bone Special Offer.  Normally Tranquil PC hand build ixLS PCs to customer order, and we will still be offering that service, but many customers want to ‘do it my way’ – and why not!

The release of the ixLS Bare Bone Special – with a discount of over £100 from the normal price will certainly be attractive to many users.  The first 100 orders will also get a free 4GB DDR3 RAM module too!

Many customers of ixLS systems in the past have installed them in vehicles, boats etc and supplied a local 12V DC feed.  If you need to order a 120W (12V 10A) mains adapter with the bare bones, then there is a 50% saving on one of those too – make sure you select the item, and use the following coupon code to get the 50% discount N9XOYX31G7X1A.

To review the offer or learn more / order your ixLS Bare Bones PC @ £249.00 – visit our shop hereixls-45



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