Posted by: tranquilpc | August 19, 2011

Audio File Transcoder – for WHS2011


Tranquil PC, UK

New Add in for WHS2011 is now being completed, prior to release.

The AVA Media Audio Transcoder is a neat little Add In for WHS2011, that quietly watches a source folder for new music files (FLAC format), and transcodes them to a second format ie AAC. There is nothing for the user to do, other than to set up the source / target folders.


The AVA Media CD ripper (available on our Leo HS4 servers) is normally set to rip to FLAC (maximum quality for audiophile systems playback). The AVA Media CD ripper then can transcode these FLAC files to MP3 for mobile use.

This new Add In can then transcode the FLAC files to other formats too.

Whether the FLAC files are generated by the ripping of CDs, or because you have just copied 10000 ripped CD folders (FLAC format) into your WHS2011 Music folder – the Add In will get busy and transcode them for you automatically.

The Add In will be released later in August


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