Posted by: tranquilpc | August 9, 2011

Super Quiet

Silencing the monster!

Yesterday we saw the rear of the new chassis (still no name!)

Today we’ll take a sneak preview of the effective cooling system deployed on the product.

Of course, being a Tranquil PC product, it’s going to be fan less, and it is. 
By utilising a special anodised surface, lots of mm2 of surface area (>300,000) and a very efficient internal CPU thermal contact, we can reveal that the product will happily cool an i3-2100T or i5-2390T CPU, even in a long term 100% CPU load test!  Typically the CPUs (internal sensor) reports approx 11-12’C above ambient whilst idle, rising to 38-40’C (max) above ambient after 45-60 minutes of 100% loading!

Additionally this sample unit has an mSATA internal 80GB HDD.  The HDD plugs directly into the main board, and being solid state is again silent.

The result, a very quiet, very reliable, rather nice system – that is not quiet, it’s SILENT.

Super Quiet



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