Posted by: tranquilpc | August 4, 2011

Embedded Systems–Good news

imageGood news – Intel are introducing Extended life cycles to certain motherboards that are used in Tranquil PC systems.  Although this may not extend to the 5 years supported by some ‘embedded’ main board suppliers, the 3 years supported on ‘PLC boards’ is very attractive.

Unlike other ‘embedded board’ suppliers Intel are not charging a premium for these PLC (3 year) boards.  Generally an embedded main board can attract a premium of 300-500% cost of a similar ‘consumer’ board.




This news is timely for Tranquil, who will shortly be in a position to discuss and take on new ‘embedded’ solutions for partners.  Tranquil already have a number of innovative chassis designs for embedded use, but the introduction of our own high speed / high precision CNC milling facilities will mean that every project can be perfectly optimised for thermal, environmental, performance and budget constraints.



Tranquil have already started creating outline designs – as the pictures below demonstrate.  The example unit (pictures show very raw, unfinished alloy chassis) sports ZERO noise, ZERO moving parts, LOW (35mm) profile with numerous mounting options.  This version can be powered by Intel i3/i5 or even i7 processors (-S series, not the ‘mobile versions).

3D CAD … (virtual)

image image

Becomes … (real)

IMG_0209 IMG_0207

By having all services ‘in house’ – ie 3D CAD/CAM design, CNC machining, electronic assembly, laser etching (marking), testing and packing – Tranquil can now work closely with partners who have a demand to create a unique product ‘Quickly’ without excessive manufacturing lead time.  The only outsourced service is colour anodising, which means that all products can be professionally finished in numerous anodised surfaces to MIL / BS standards.


We look forward to sharing more about our new services over the coming weeks / months.


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