Posted by: tranquilpc | July 7, 2011

Rack mount WHS2011 arrives

Tranquil’s T2 design has done it again!

The T2 chassis is now almost 7 years old, and has been and is still supplied to 10000’s of customers for many OEM applications, especially telecoms.  It gave an appearance as a Windows Home Server unit in 2008, and now re-born with a new CPU is available supporting WHS2011.

We’re not talking the new Atom 525, or even the Atom that will replace the 525, we’re talking Intel’s 2nd Generation Core Processor – the i3-2100T.

It’s the same processor as we have servicing – and that has proven over many months that it will service 100’s of simultaneous customer connections and it’s quite happy to service multiple streaming requests and those include on the fly transcoding of HD video.  The i3-2100T is a very clever processor – and it’s now available in the T2iWHS

All of the Leo HS4 services are included – AVA Media CD ripper, MonStor Storage Manager etc.

There is a limit to the number of internal HDDs to 2x, but for many a 2x 2TB server is more than enough.

The cost – it’s affordable @ £549.00 (with the coupon code).

It’s rack mountable, but looks equally as good on the desk!

The T2iWHS – now available


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