Posted by: tranquilpc | July 6, 2011

Stream audio and video to your iPhone / iPad from WHS2011

Utilising the substantial CPU performance of the Leo HS4 server, you can now enjoy audio / video streaming both local (LAN) and remote (Internet) to various mobile devices.

We have previously covered streaming to a Silverlight Enabled browser, for more info you can contact Tranquil PC

We have also previously covered streaming to Win7 Phone, for more information you can contact Tranquil PC

But we have now also set up streaming for iPhone / iPad.  The StreamToMe Add in can be installed to your iPhone or iPad for a nominal fee (£1.79) you can get it from the App Store.  If you would like to give the server a test drive for yourself, drop a line to Tranquil PC now, and we’ll provide you with the WHS2011 details to stream from.

You can stream music test files, recorded TV (.wtv), HD recorded TV, .mp4 video (HD) etc. There may be occasional issues with some of the video files, ie the audio codec may or may not stream.  (SALT in the videos folder is a good example of movie streaming!)

See how you get on with your iPad or iPhone !!


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