Posted by: tranquilpc | June 28, 2011

WHS Add In and Packs–Pricing

Tranquil have just listed new Add Ins for WHS0211

The WHS2011 operating system, as supplied on the Tranquil Leo HS4 Servers, etc can not only protect your PCs and files, but is a perfect appliance for hosting media files for streaming to locally or remotely connected media players or PCs etc. The remote streaming function, new in WHS2011, ensures that wherever you are you can enjoy via a Silverlight enabled browser, or a number of mobile devices (such as Windows 7 phones), your media collection.

Archiving your discs is now simple, using the AVA Media Add In for WHS2011. Simply connect a USB optical drive to your server and start archiving your media collection. You can select numerous formats for your audio / video discs to suit your particular media players.

Expanding your WHS2011 storage will be the next step in creating your centralised media server, and the MonStor Add In is designed to just that, with ease. Also you may decide that protecting your media library against hard disk loss is also important, and again that is where MonStor comes to your aid – you can select to duplicate specific folders on your WHS2011 appliance, protecting the contents against loss.

AVA Media CD (ripper)

AVA Media CD/DVD/BR (ripper)

AVA Media multi Drive CD/DVD/BR (ripper)

Add In Packs (any of the above PLUS MonStor Storage Manager)

Monstor Storage Manager


There are savings to be had with any of the packs.

SAVE £20.00 for the AVA Media CD + MonStor

SAVE £25.00 for the AVA Media CD/DVD/BR  + MonStor

SAVE £30.00 for the AVA Media multi disc CD/DVD/BR + MonStor


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