Posted by: tranquilpc | June 21, 2011

MonStor WHS Beta Update

MonStore Storage Update

Beta 4 (V1.1.5.0) is now available for download

User Beta notes:

1) After installing on the desktop of the server, open the Dashboard and convert drive D to a pool drive.

2) You may need to reboot (you will be told if so)

3) Once it restarts it finishes the conversation and you should be done.

BETA Release notes :

Release v1.1.5.0 – beta (2011-06-21)

– Update: A new version of the WHS 2011 addin.

– Bug fix: WHS client backup could sometimes fail, this has been fixed.

– Bug fix: Drive balancing no longer balances MonStore specific files.

– Bug fix: Windows update no longer fails (permission issue fixed).

– Update: The drive merge functionality has been improved.

– Update The drive removal functionality has been improved.

– Update The drive add functionality has been improved.

– Added: Drive convert feature to convert an existing non pooled drive into a pooled drive.

– Added: Option – Smooth Stream. This is file read caching to improve file streaming performance (default = disabled).

– Added: Option – CRC file validation of duplicated files (default = enabled). Disabling this reverts to file size validation.

– Added: Option – Log level. The specifies the amount of logging taking place (default = none).

– Added: Option – Drive balancing. You can enable / disable balancing as required (default = enabled).

– Added: Option – Drive renaming. When adding a drive to the pool, it is now renamed to make its use obvious (default = enabled).

– Added: Option – Drive letter management. Allows MonStor to manage drive letters for drives added to, and removed from the pool (default = enabled). Note that due to a bug, this feature was disabled prior to release.

– Bug fix: Renaming and deleting files and folders should no longer fails with errors.

– Bug fix: Recycle bin support have been fixed.

– Bug fix: Remove Windows assigned mount points (i.e. drive letters) if there is a conflict with a MonStor mount point.

– Added: Pool recovery feature. This can recover a pool (or pools) from connect drive without any configuration information (to be uses with OS re-installs etc)

– Added: Pool configuration repair. MonStor now validates and repair broken configurations.

– Added: WHS running tasks and notification windows (full WHS notification integration to come).

– Known issue: Fault tolerant mode (i.e. when a drive is missing from the pool) is still not displaying duplicated files (will be fixed in the next update).

– Known issue: The WHS move folder feature throws an error (to be fixed in an update).

– Known issue: The opening of web links from the getting started tab are opening on the server, not the client.

– Known issue: Documentation incomplete.

– Known Issue: WHS Server Backup fails, due to VSS service.

To get the latest MonStor beta – click on the link below:

To get automated updates and a chance to order MonStor at a special launch offer price, just drop a line to


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