Posted by: tranquilpc | June 7, 2011

MonStore beta update

Monstore (powered by Division-M) beta update

This is a major update as it addresses a long running bug that has caused numerous performance and reliability issues.

Release v1.1.4.1 – beta (2011-06-07)

– Bug fix: Under high CPU usage, a number of file system errors could occur. This bug also effected other areas of the application, and could have cause a number seemingly unrelated issues. This bug has been known to cause :-
* Sync / copy applications displaying errors with some files.
* WHS client backups failing.
* WHS backup service crashing.
* Client applications / services crashing.
* Memory leaks on large file transfers.
* Drive Bender slow down after a period of time.
* Excessive C drive usage due to the large log files being generated.
– Bug fix: Deleting a file can sometime leave an orphaned duplicate file.
– Update: Log files are now limited in size.
– Issue: On occasions a deleted file will NOT go to the recycled bin.
– Bug fix: Restarting the service could sometimes cause the service to hang.
– Update: Drive balancing and health monitoring now pause during heavy read / write activity.

To get your update, drop a line to


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