Posted by: tranquilpc | June 6, 2011

Tranquil MonStore (powered by Division-M)



Monstore is Tranquil PC’s product name for Division-M’s DriveBender.  Ultimately the Windows Home Server Storage Management Add In, used on Leo HS4 and SS4 will be sold and branded MonStore.

As the beta phase draws to a close later this month, Tranquil engineers working hard with Division-M to ensure that the Add In delivers not only a high performing and reliable solution – but also one that is very close to the flexible and easy to use function that was DriveExtender (DE), that was dropped by Microsoft, with the release of Home Server 2011, and Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

At the moment MonStore is delivering a solution that is very near to the original WHS DE function – ensuring that the user can :

1.  Add any sized HDD to a storage pool (no need for matched HDD sizes)

2.  Enable ‘folder duplication’ on a selective basis to provide data protection

3.  Ensure that if a ‘pooled’ HDD is removed from the system it’s contents are available on any other (NTFS) system.

4.  Upon a server ‘system restore’ the ‘pooled HDDs and the data on them’

SIGN UP to get beta updates / news / comments / information regarding Tranquil MonStore (powered by Division-M) – drop a line to MonStore


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