Posted by: tranquilpc | April 26, 2011

WHS 2011–coming soon


Windows Home Server 2011

The long awaited successor to Windows Home Server is now ready. The Leo HS4 from Tranquil PC, powered by Windows Home Server 2011 (or VAIL as it was formally known). The powerful central processor supplied with the Leo HS4 ensures that you will benefit from the latest features supplied with WHS 2011, including on-the-fly media transcoding and fast disk management virtualisation.

WHS 2011, from Microsoft, is the latest in a new line of Colorado Server products. WHS 2011 delivers a centralised data storage system and backup management unit for your home PCs and Macs.

Home Server delivers centralised storage and protection for you home PCs and Macs

· Your family’s digital memories and media organised in one central location
· Home PCs are backed up daily, automatically
· Simple recovery of lost files or even entire PCs
· Complete access from networked PCs to all your Windows Home Server files
· A personalized Web address for sharing your photos, music and home videos
· Easy and quick setup
· Expandable storage space for future use
· Innovative third-party applications

New WHS 2011 features include

Automatic, centralised PC backup.  Now, as part of the server backup process, you can also backup your PC backups. So if you backup to external USB storage, you can now easily store your PC backups offsite too. Additionally, you can choose to “archive” backups for PCs that have been removed from the server (by uninstalling the Connector software). These archived backups are not included in the 10 client PC limit for WHS 2011.

Digital music, video, photo sharing. WHS 2011 is now DLNA 1.5 compatible out of the box, so there’s no more need for third party add-ins to get a first-class media sharing experience. For you Windows 7 users, WHS 2011 also supports Home Group-style media sharing, and it can stream a much wider range of media formats, while also offering on-the-fly transcoding for those times when a client can’t handle a particular format.

Remote access. WHS 2011 remote access is now based on Silverlight, providing a higher-quality experience and, it should be noted, mobile device support. WHS 2011 also includes a new remote streaming feature that lets you stream media from your home server over the Internet. You can also personalize your web-based remote access home page for a customised experience.

Windows Phone 7 support. WHS 2011 supports Windows Phone 7 devices via a new Windows Phone add-in, providing media streaming, phone-to-server photo uploading, and alert monitoring functionality (in BETA testing).

Mac support. WHS 2011 also supports Macs running Mac OS X, run the LaunchPad on connected Macs, and utilize remote access.

Based on Server 2008 R2. WHS 2011 is based on the modern 64bit Server 2008 platform, compared to the original version which is based on Server 2003.

WHS Add Ins. WHS 2011 uses an easier approach to deploying Add Ins. Many new Add Ins are already in the pipe line.

New Data Protection and Hard Disk pool manager with fast data caching.

The original WHS systems were based on a technology called Drive Extender or DE, WHS 2011 does not include DE, as Microsoft removed it from the product. New Tranquil PC WHS 2011 Servers will be supplied with a licenced version of DataCore’s storage virtualisation software Add In, to provide data protection (mirroring) and hard drive pooling. The final version of the Add In, will be released during the latter part of June (until then customers will be invited to use beta versions, or wait until the final version is available). DataCore, of Florida, are specialists in providing robust and fast data systems, based in storage virtualisation. Tranquil have chosen DataCore to protect your data with confidence.

New hardware – with the power to deliver

With new services available in WHS 2011 and especially media file transcoding demands, this new Tranquil WHS 2011 Server is equipped with Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors (or Sandy Bridge). These new processors have huge processing capabilities, when needed, and yet consume very little power. The cooling of the CPU itself still remains fan less, optimising the long term reliability and low acoustics of the server. Your data is very important and ensuring long service life of your new Home Server is very important to us. Low noise is especially important if you plan to use the server in any populated areas, ie your home office.

The amazing power available from the Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors will ensure that your data is always processed, protected and delivered without hesitation. It also protects your investment from future exciting Add Ins that may require additional processing power.

Expansion – huge storage capacity

The new four drive servers, built around a similar chassis to the original, award winning, SQA-5H servers, come with two optional expansion ports, each supporting up to five hard disks each. This can offer almost 40TB of storage (if using 3TB HDDs).

Shipping and pre-orders

Tranquil are accepting pre-orders from 27th April 2011, and the new WHS 2011 Servers will commence shipping from May 16th.

An ‘Early Bird’ coupon code will be offered to all who pre-order, before the shipping date.

What do you get

· Leo HS4 Home Server appliance
· 2TB Low Energy Primary Hard Disk
· Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor (i3-2100T 3.1GHz)
· Media Kit including PC Restore CD and Server Restore DVD
· 24 month RTB (return to base) warranty

Specification / Pricing and Pre-Ordering will follow on the 27th.

For further information, drop us a line



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