Posted by: tranquilpc | January 11, 2011

WHS Live Domain – Service down

Please be patient while Microsoft update the Live Custom Domains Servers

Microsoft have announced : ( )

Tomorrow, on January 11, 2011, the service providing free domain name resolution for Windows Home Server (v1), Windows Server Codename “Vail”, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Beta, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials Beta will be undergoing an upgrade to move the service to the Azure platform increasing the stability and performance of the service to support the new products releasing in first half of 2011.  The service will be unavailable for updates during a 24 hour period.  If your IP address changes during this time you will lose remote access to your home or business.  This includes records on the and domain names.

If your Internet Service Provider does not change your IP address during the outage time, you will not notice an outage.  If your Internet Service Provider does change your IP address during this outage, you may see the following errors:

· Alerts from your server’s console stating a failure to update your custom domain name

· Clients on the Internet may fail to connect to the Remote Access website hosted on your server.

· Any 3rd party add-ins that rely on the remote access functionality may fail

When the service comes back online, no action is required.  Your server will automatically correct its configuration, the health alerts will disappear and your remote clients will be able to correctly resolve your Home Server again.

If you are using a domain provider from your OEM such as the HP Personal Domain Name by or custom domain name providers, your domain and network will be unaffected during this outage.  Additionally, if you are using a vanity domain name from eNom or GoDaddy for your server, then your domain and network will be unaffected by this outage.

When the upgrade is complete, this post will be updated with information.  After the update, if you’re domain name is not working; you can do the following steps:

(1) Open the Windows Home Server Console (or Dashboard)

(2) Click on Settings

(3) Select the Remote Access item in the Settings page

(4) Click Repair and follow the instructions on the screen



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