Posted by: tranquilpc | January 11, 2011

SB – Gaming Performance (1)

Does the GPX performance of SB CPU suggest that basic GFX cards are now a thing of the past?  It looks that way.

With i3 (first generation) – basic gaming was OK, in the picture below 34.4 FPS was noted on the test game Dragon Age Origins

The best i3 for improved 3D gaming is the i3-661 which scores 41.5 in the same test

To get better graphics performance i3 users would revert to PCIe cards, ie the ATI HD5450 was popular, and it scores 54.6 on the same test

The i5-2400S (slower clock than the i3-530) faired a little better still at 69.3 FPS


Of course for the hardened performance gamer, PCIe card graphics will always be needed, but the substantial performance increase in integrated graphics as demonstrated on the Sandy Bridge CPU/GPU looks like for the average gamer there’s a new kid on the block


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