Posted by: tranquilpc | January 11, 2011

Intel Sand Bridge – 2nd Gen i series

Intel’s new Sandy Bridge is the second generation of the Intel i series of CPUs



They are slowly coming onto the market, but a word of warning, they are not compatible with the original i series, they only have 1155 pins not 1156

The main difference is that ALL of the models, including the i7 have integrated graphics, whereas the original devices had a graphics module on the CPU substrate, the new series has the graphics module on the silicon itself!

There are a new range of motherboards to support the new Sandy Bridge series – and the one that we’ll be referring to throughout the tests is the H57 equipped DH67CF (mini-itx)

At first sight the board (pics coming soon) looks like the DH57JG, except for the I/O which now sports 2x USB3.0 and the addition of a DisplayPort too.  In many other respects the boards look the same.

In this mini series we’ll be looking at :

  • The board
  • The CPUs
  • The performance
  • The benefits
  • What Intel say
  • What we say
  • What you have to say
  • When will systems be shipping with Sandy Bridge CPUs

Food for thought

One bit of info to whet your appetite is the apparent improvement in performance, specifically video transcoding (an especially CPU intensive process) :

i3-540 (3.07GHz) in the Intel DH57JG is compared to a i5-2400S (2.5GHz) on the DH67CF board. 

Transcoding a DVD folder  (set of Video TS file) in standard settings (max resolution) on a local folder to a local file …

  • i3-540 machine      average FPS transcoding rate 56.4FPS  
  • i5-2400S machine  average FPS transcoding rate 95.5FPS

Ideally we would have liked to have tested a i3 version on the DH67CF, but at the time of writing only the i5-2400S was available


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