Posted by: tranquilpc | November 29, 2010

ixL Media Centre – with Freeview HD on back order.


the ixL Media Centres

with Freeview HD inside

Due to higher than expected demand the dual DVB-T2 cards delivered in some models of the ixL Media Centres, are now sold out.

Tranquil are very pleased to confirm that new stock is due in soon, and ixL Media Centre orders are now being accepted for delivery from the 13th December onwards.



If you are interested to get a state of the art Media Centre, with Freeview HD, before Christmas, Tranquil recommend that you order promptly, and guarantee your unit.  New stock is already being reserved, and although we have planned carefully we can’t guarantee there will be enough for everyone.


Visit ( ) to learn more – or if you have any questions you can chat on-line using button on the right of the Media Centre web pages, or you can call (0845 555 7788) and speak to a friendly advisor during UK office hours.

There have been some great reviews of the ixL Media Centre, and the BGT3620 Freeview HD card recently – is this truly the world’s best Media Centre….. with Freeview HD installed, it must be very close to the ‘Grail of Media Centre’?


To order – here’s that link again


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