Posted by: tranquilpc | November 23, 2010

VAIL / Aurora, without the bells?

In a shock announcement today Microsoft have announced that the new family of ‘Home Server V2’ will come without Drive Extender (DE) and Folder Duplication, and this is when the version ships in H1 2011 (up to June).


To read the official post – please click on the link here

It’s such a shame that half of the functions (ignoring PC backup and NAS streaming/storage) will be missing – and these functions were the ‘killer appns’ that WHS had above other options.  Will the gap be filled by OEM providers?

Will WHS V1 now succeed as ‘the’ Home Server through 2011 – will WHS V2 take off, or not?


The good news is that Tranquil are committed to WHS – and have no plans to stop WHS production or support.  Tranquil supply the widest range of WHS appliances, from single drive (T7) units right up to 40TB (SuperStor) systems. 
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Watch this space…..

Additionally, although it can’t be confirmed yet (here), I know that some of the file management technology used in HomeServerSync has already been tested in anticipation of providing folder duplication functions (either locally, in LAN, or on WAN) for enhanced WHS V2.  The tech used (a sort of real time RAID-1) has already been shown to provide real time folder protection, and is very fast as only the changes (not deltas) in files are effected (especially good for WAN backup). 

The issue of ‘DE’ and management of different sized drives – being ‘added’ or ‘removed’ is a challenge (even it seems for Microsoft) – expect an update here, once I get news that Tranquil have that function on track too.



Ask me about the Deal of the Day

Just a ‘sales note’.  We expect the ‘surprise changes’ to WHS V2 to rapidly confirm WHS V1 prospective buyers to choose WHS V1 systems – with this in mind we have already geared up production of our Home Servers, especially the best selling SQA-5H-3000.  If you are interested, don’t delay – last orders from the factory will be accepted around 20th December – so if you want to get a Home Server for Christmas – don’t delay.

If you have any questions about Tranquil PC Home Servers or pre/post sales enquiry just visit our site and look for the ‘chat’ button on the right hand side –



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