Posted by: tranquilpc | September 28, 2010

Simple and effective relief to your disc collections

There is now a neat / tidy / safe way to archive and playback your CD / DVD collections using a Windows Media Centre PC (ie the amazing ixL PC) – linked to a Windows Home Server (ie the SQA-5H-3000)




By ‘joining’ the Media Centre to the Home Server, with RipNet, you can play or rip your media collection – just pop in the disk – it’s very simple and re-assuring

It’s a very useful utility – and very effective

If you already own a Tranquil Media Centre or Tranquil Home Server – drop a line to and see if he can do you a deal !

If you don’t already have a Tranquil Media Centre, or a Tranquil Home Server, drop a line to – and ask if he will give you RipNet with your new Media Centre or Home Server, or both !!


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