Posted by: tranquilpc | September 23, 2010

RipNet – the WHS Add In – Free of charge


RipNet, the rather nice and easy to use iSCSI based service, that transforms the way you can rip your CD / DVD / Blu-Ray discs directly from your Media Centre to your Windows Home Server (running a suitable ripping service, such as My Movies for Home Server, or AVA Media for Home Server) without having to leave your lounge, is now available – as we have already posted.

Learn more about the full version here


This post is to share with you that Tranquil, the company behind the AVA Media brand, are releasing the Windows Home Server Add In for free to any user that may already have a suitable iSCSI target on another PC/Server. 

Of course the Add In (RipNet) could also be used to take advantage of an a second server / PC on the LAN  serving up an iSCSI target – as a new HDD or CD/DVD drive.  If the iSCSI target was a HDD or array of HDDs, this of course could be a very neat way to backup HUGE files / folders from the WHS machine to a second machine – using very fast and reliable iSCSI technology.  The network HDD / array should be seen as a ‘local’ HDD on the WHS machine.

To request a free copy of the WHS Add In – just drop a quick email to, with the word ‘FREE’ in the subject field



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