Posted by: tranquilpc | September 21, 2010

RipNet – shipping



AVA Media RipNet, the iSCSI based network server / client application that enables easy ripping of discs inserted into your Media Centre PC to your Home Server is now ready for shipping.

Available in 3 versions it can be purchased from Tranquil PC 

AVA Media RipNet is not merely a ‘network share’ service, rather it is a powerful iSCSI target / initiator service – yet there is no complications in using it.

Once installed there are only two setting to enter :

1.  On the Home Server – you will need to enter the ‘name’ of the Media Centre PC

2.  On the Media Centre, after you have entered a valid serial number – you simply click on the ‘Rip’ or ‘Play’ to change the mode of the optical disk.

It’s really that simple !

Once set, you can set the mode to ‘rip’ insert a new disc into the Media Centre, and wait while the AVA Media Home Server Add In works hard to rip your discs to the Home Server.  Once completed the disc is simply ejected, and that completes the process.

If you want to ‘play’ discs as normal in the Media Centre – just select ‘play’



iSCSI is normally an expensive / complex application used in business grade Storage Area Networks (SANS).  The cost of the RipNet system is therefore excellent value at only £49,00


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