Posted by: tranquilpc | July 24, 2010

System Restore in WHS ?

WHS has one issue that dogs users, especially if using Add Ins, that then cause problems – HOW do you ‘go back’.

There is no ‘System Restore’ on the WHS desk | Accessories | System tools.

But help is at hand.

# update – you may also want to check out Drashna’s posting here – may have an improved solution – re DE protection


Although you should use the following guide ‘very carefully’ it may save your bacon, should you install a ‘bad’ Add In which wrecks your WHS.

Note:- Take a complete backup of your registry before making any changes

In this procedure you need to download files – from here.

Extract the files into a folder, in this you will see two files – AddSystemRestoreEntries.reg and sr.inf along with other required files.

Double click on AddSystemRestoreEntries.reg and click on Yes when prompted.

Then right click on sr.inf and select install, be sure you can browse to those ‘other’ files.

Reboot your WHS that’s it now you are ready for your WHS feature – System restore.

System restore screen

System restore tab in System Properties




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