Posted by: tranquilpc | April 6, 2010

Tranquil Desktop / Server Backup (1)

Tranquil Desktop / Server Offsite Backup is a solid and reliable application to protect selected files and folders on your desktop or server.

It is based on possibly one of the oldest and world’s most established core architectures. 


This short series of blogs, will explain the setup, configuration and automatic operation of the application.

If you want to know more about the application please visit

Every aspect of the TLS application is based on solid industry standard technologies. 

TLS is not a cheap offside backup system, there are plenty of those around already, or at least they were, but they tend to to terminate just as quickly as they appear – but then promising the earth and delivering little is not a recipe for success especially where you’re data is concerned.  Do you really want to trust all of your important records, photos etc to a cheap or even free service, surely not !

Watch this short series and learn how a business grade offside backup service should be.


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