Posted by: tranquilpc | March 15, 2010

WHS Tip Maximise HDD performance

Tip 0129 – Maximise Performance

Home Server Tip Level – Basic

Maximise the performance of your Home Server

– Defragmentation


Before you know it Windows Home Server will be storing and sharing 1000’s or even 100,000’s of files.  These files are dropped onto the internal hard disk(s).

A file is often not ‘kept’ as a single entity, but is sometimes fragmented, that is, it is broken into smaller parts and placed in ‘gaps’ in the available space.  This in itself is quite amazing – and something we don’t ever think about.

But when you need to get that file back, ideally you want to get the hard disk reader head to the right place, and read the file for you – we don’t really want the reader head jittering to numerous locations, slowing down the file access.

The Answer

Windows Home Server like most other Windows operating systems comes with a built in ‘defragmentation’ program, and like defragmentation software all other Windows operating systems it’s OK – but could be hugely better.

Enter PerfectDisk11 from Raxco – a special version of their brilliant defragmentation software especially produced for Windows Home Server.

Many Home Server Add Ins are slightly useful and very few have a ‘real world’ benefit like PerfectDisk 11 – we give it a thumbs up – it’s worth buying.

Does it work?

Yes.  After only a few days of sitting on the Windows Home Server, quietly working away – you know it is as there is a lot of hard disk activity, you will notice that getting your files is quicker, much quicker.  Also you will see less hard disk activity because the files are organised and much faster to get to

It’s a little like a filing cabinet (Home Server) and 1000’s of pieces of paper – would you rather the filing drawers were full of organised and well packed papers, or that the papers were loosely dropped in – not only do you know where the files are, you can locate them much quicker !

On a Scale of 1 to 10 ... It's an 11!  Try PerfectDisk 11 Today

There’s a free trial for PerfectDisk 11

Get it now and see what you think


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