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New Series 2 Range in launched and all prices are reduced

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Tranquil PC (Manchester UK) 8th February 2010

Release the full range of Windows Home Server appliances based on new low power Intel CPUs – known as Series 2.

Lower power consumption, lower prices and higher performance are included across the range.

Windows Home Server from Microsoft provides a simple, yet powerful solution to ensure your home or small business PCs are protected. You can also easily organise all of your files, or quickly add extra storage. Sharing your files within the home / office or though the internet is simple and secure.

Tranquil PC shipped the first Windows Home Server appliance in Sept 2007, and since that time has won numerous awards and always had the highest rated reviews. We now provide not only the finest, most power efficient Home Servers, but we also can ensure that you can get the best out of your Home Server.

There are 3 models to choose from – the Harmony T7, the Harmony T2 and the SQA-5H.

Harmony T7 – Series 2

The Harmony T7 – Series 2 Home Server in ideal, affordable starter unit. Powered by the latest Intel Atom D510 Dual core CPU, this Home Server delivers outstanding performance, coupled with low power consumption. This high quality unit will be at home anywhere, similar in size to a typical hard back dictionary. With wall mount option, it can be secured out of sight and out of mind. Supporting 4x external HDDs, this is an excellent Server start up option. Why not couple it with the slot on T7-HDx units (and have up to 9TBs of storage)

Harmony T2 – Series 2

The Harmony T2 – Series 2 Home Server for mid range users. Powered by the latest Intel Atom D510 Dual Core CPU, this Home Server delivers outstanding performance, coupled with low power consumption. This slim server supports 2x internal high capacity HDDs, 4x high speed USB HDD ports, and optional 4x eSATA ports. With numerous professional mounting options, this server can sit on your desk, fit in a 19" rack, sit on the floor, or even be secured to a wall.

SQA-5H – Series 2

Our flagship Home Server, the SQA-5H, powered by the latest 64 bit ready Intel Atom D510 (2×1.66GHz) Dual Core and running Microsoft Windows Home Server. This server provides high capacity, quick installation storage, and a long list of new features. The power consumption is still very low, and it’s still a very quiet server too!
With new accessories such as the SQA-Ex (additional 5x HDDs) and the SQA-HDD1 (HDD carrier) along with a 3 year warranty, this is the Home Server for the discerning buyer.

All models have the following features in common

· Windows Home Server (PP3) Operating system

· Powerful Intel 64 bit D510 CPU (Dual 1.66GHz)

· High Speed Network – Gigabit LAN

· High Speed 800MHz RAM (up to 4GB)

· Silent and reliable Fan less CPU cooling

· Power efficient and cool HDDs

· Designed and manufactured in UK

· AVA CD ripping engine + various Media servers

· 24 month warranty (Except SQA-5H which is 36 months)

Prices range from £249+VAT for the basic Harmony T7, up to £399+VAT for the SQA-5H-1000

Reduced pricing

The SQA-5H pricing has also been reduced, as well as the pricing on additional storage options etc.


To learn more about the new Series 2 Home Servers from Tranquil PC :

To take a quick review of the different versions :


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