Posted by: tranquilpc | February 3, 2010

File Copying to a Home Server

Here’s a little nugget of useful information

Have you ever wanted to copy a huge amount of data TO a Home Server shared folder ?

Sure we all want to and normally it works OK.

The CORRECT way, is to transfer the files over a LAN connection, if you do this you will achieve good transfer rates – ie the example here shows approx 39MB/s (although this varies depending on the file size)

The transfer rate will vary between 15 and 50MB/s – depending on your hardware / file size / LAN (of course it’s assuming you have a GBE LAN)



Now – what if you dropped in a HDD into your Home Server with data already on it, then used RDC to copy the files – disk to disk, ie cutting out the LAN connection, surely this would be faster, much faster ?  No – it’s approx 90% slower.

The image to the below shows a mere 3.4MB/s when a Disk to Disk connection is used.



This seems odd, for sure but it’s the way that WHS uses clever FS folders to ‘share’ files.

So – in summary – don’t try to be clever, and copy disk to disk – WHS is designed to be used headless (and no RDC).  If you want lightning fast file transfers, use the WHS as a network store, use the LAN.


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