Posted by: tranquilpc | January 23, 2010

Safe Home Server – part 6


The products

Thank you for taking time to follow the Safe Home Server mini-series

This article concludes the mini-series, and highlights two new devices which embody the concept of a Safe Home Server.

  • The SSM module – for existing Home Server customers (SQA-5H and RS5)
  • The new SQA-5H-SAFE (multi drive Home Server appliance fitted with the SSM)

Coming soon, the RS5-SAFE


If you would like to go back and review the Safe Home Server mini-series, here are some quick links :

The Safe Server Module (SSM)SSM_1

The SSM is designed specifically to be housed in a SQA-5H Home Server.
(It may be possible to fit it to other Home Servers too)

It comes delivered with 2x 500GB 2.5” HDDs, prepared in a RAID1 mirror array, including a Tranquil build of Windows Home Server (PP3) for either the Series 1 or Series 2 SQA-5H.

It can simply be added to an existing SQA-5H – and the Server initialised again (loosing the DATA), or you can Restore the Home Server with the supplied new DVD, with the SSM fitted and recover your DATA *

Priced at £169.00 + VAT, the SSM represents excellent value for money, bearing in mind the system protection it offers, and ease of replacement of the primary (OS + DATA) HDD.  You also will receive a desktop application to help you to monitor the SSM, and also setup email messaging to alert you to the status of the SSM.  You will also be able to re-use your existing HDD1 as a server storage or backup drive !  As a thank you for purchasing, you will also get a licensed copy of the AVA Media CD ripping engine too on the Restore DVD and SSM

The SSM is available from 1st February 2010, and can be ordered on-line here

What’s in the box

  • SSM with 2x 500GB HDDs preset for RAID1
  • Desktop Application software for monitoring / messaging
  • New SQA-5H Home Server recovery DVD, supporting the SSM
  • A FREE copy of the AVA Media CD ripper is also included on the DVD (worth £49.00)

Available for :

  • SQA-5H Series 1 (330)UK
  • SQA-5H Series 2** (D510) UK
  • SQA-5H Series 1 (330) German
  • SQA-5H Series 2** (D510) German



SQA-5H-SAFE The SQA-5H-SAFE Home Server

This is the world’s first OEM Home Server fitted with the innovative Safe Server Module (read all about the module here). Ensuring that all your data, as well as the operating system is protected. It’s a fine mix of the latest Windows Drive Extender (DE) technology for extendable / flexible / safe data storage blended with the established hardware RAID technology to protect the OS and primary data hard disk. Priced at £569.00 +VAT

Features :

  • 2GB Memory
  • RAID1 2x 500GB 2.5" HDDs preconfigured
  • 4x spare HDD slots
  • Server recovery pack
  • Includes the AVA CD ripping engine
  • 3 year warranty
  • Desktop application for Safe Server Management / Messaging


The SQA-5H-SAFE is available from 1st February 2010, and can be ordered on-line here


What’s in the box

  • SQA-5H-SAFE Home Server
  • Power Supply (country specific cord)
  • Software / Media kit

Windows Home Server PP1, 2 and 3 pre-installed
Media Pack, with Start-up CD, Restore CD, Restore DVD and USB boot key
AVA Media CD ripping engine
iTunes Server
Logitech Server
Safe Server Module Monitor

Available in English / German / French operating systems




Notes :

* – take care that you have enough spare capacity – ie the SSM is a 500GB device, if you have a SQA-5H-3000 with 2x 2TB HDDs fitted, and BOTH are pretty full, you will not be able to provide 100% folder duplication (initially) until you have set up the SSM, then re-added the second 2TB drive as a new pool device.

Full advice is provided with the SSM, on how to install / upgrade existing Home Server installations

** – Series 2 Home Servers were introduced on January 5th 2010.  If you bought a SQA-5H before that date it will be a Series 1


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