Posted by: tranquilpc | January 23, 2010

Safe Home Server – part 4


Monitoring Safe Server Module

The SAFE SERVER MODULE is supported by a monitoring service on the Home Server.  This service delivers the following :

  • Display of the status of the connected 2.5” HDDs and the RAID array
  • Pop up messages if the status of a HDD or the RAID array changes
  • Control of email messages – reporting the status of the HDDs and the RAID array
  • Scheduling of RAID array verification

A neat function is that this same application can be run on any local PC, and then ‘connected’ to the Home Server by just enter the name of your Home Server, to provide the same function, monitoring and control.

Just enter your email address in the ‘To:’ field, and the Safe Server Module will send you messages each time an event occurs that you should be aware of !

The application, which can be downloaded from the Software folder, can be installed on any number of PCs on the same LAN – or if you are familiar with router port forwarding, you can access / monitor the Safe Server Module via the internet (port 51116)

Tranquil also will receive ‘Alert’ information, and can provide remote support, via the Home Server Help Add In, if needed.


Screen shots (using the SI / SSM manager application on the network connected PC :

1.  Enter the name of your Home Server equipped with the SSM



2.  Typical (healthy SSM)



3.  Pop up – SSM is verifying  HDD0



4.  Manager screen, confirming the verification



5.  Setup scheduled verifications, if you want to



6.  Emails messaging is easy to set up – just enter your email address




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