Posted by: tranquilpc | January 21, 2010

AVA Media Upgrade (free) V1.5.1.0

AVA1Tranquil AVA Media Update

Tranquil are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Add In for Windows Home Server / AVA Media Servers

To get the upgrade click here


What does the upgrade feature :

AVA Media for Windows Home Server

Added: User customization content for My Movies 3
Fix: Workaround to problem with special discs that AnyDVD cannot handle for external programs.
Fix: Issue preventing the program from getting album art from Amazon when copying CD’s
Fix: Issue where reading a disc id from AnyDVD could fail
Fix: Issue with selecting language on Xtreamer, TViX and Dune integrations
Fix: Issue with Blu-ray copying where UDF driver broke

Update: Database version matches My Movies 3.04
Update: Minor changes to shared files between My Movies for WHS and My Movies for WMC


To upgrade your current AVA Media Add In please follow the simple steps below :

1.  Uninstall the current AVA Media Add In, from the Home Server console application
2.  Delete the Tranquil AVA Media application from the Add Ins folder on the Home Server
3.  Download and save the upgrade (above) to the Add Ins folder on the Home Server
4.  Re-Open the Home Server console, and check that the new version AVA Media V1.5.0.1 is listed in the available Add Ins folder
5.  Install the new V1.5.0.1 Tranquil AVA Media Add In
6.  Your current licence will auto register.


Please note the Add In will only function on Tranquil PC / AVA Media systems



  1. Hi
    I am having problems installing this add-in. I have removed the old version and downloaded the new one. The new one is in the shared folder/software/add-ins but when I connect to the home server it does not show up in the add-ins available tab. I have installed the remote assistance and this installed fine. You may have a problem with this file.

    • Problems uninstalling (versions before

      In a few situations, the Windows Home Server console returns “Uninstall failed”, if one or more files are locked, even though the program have been uninstalled.

      Should you get into this situation, please follow this guide:

      1. Open “Remote Desktop Connection” on a client PC.
      2. Type in the name of your home server, and click “Connect”.
      3. Log in with “Administrator” as username, and the master password for your home server.
      4. From the Start menu, open “Control Panel”, and select “Add/Remove Programs”.
      5. Ensure that Tranquil AVA Media Software Package is not in the list of installed programs. Should it be, click “Change/Remove” to remove it.
      6. Close the Control Panel.
      7. From the Start menu, select “Run” and type “regedit” and press enter to open the registry editor.
      8. Locate the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\RegisteredAdditions” in the tree structure.
      9. Right click the subkey “{7f264f08-78fa-484e-aac8-4a6ea7ece7d1}” and select “Delete”.
      10. Log of the “Remote Desktop Connection”.

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