Posted by: tranquilpc | January 19, 2010

Tranquil launch New T2-D

The T2-D powered by the D510 CPU is now available.

Check it out


T2-D D510 Atom PC

The T2-D is assembled in the beautifully engineered fan less chassis (silent of course) – it is available in Satin black or Metallic silver.

There is no fan cooling the PSU or the CPU / GPU, resulting in not only a near silent unit, but also an extremely reliable system.

Ideal for home / office / industrial applications where near silence / reliability are of paramount importance. Of course it looks great too.

The T2-D series is powered by Intel’s latest D510 CPU and N10 chipset, delivering excellent performance from the dual core 1.66GHz CPU and yet amazingly low power consumption – the base configuration (no HDD) consumes only 15W !

You can fit up to two 3.5” SATA HDDs internally, in the specially designed anti-vibration, cooled HDD carriers – surrounded by their own heat sinks

You can optionally fit a full height PCI expansion card in a horizontal plane, using the PCI riser / extender kit

With numerous mounting options – desk, wall, rack, floor – the T2-D is ideal for your application


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