Posted by: tranquilpc | December 2, 2009

Home Server Help

Windows Home Server Help (Add In)

Your Home Server and the Data on it is extremely important, and Tranquil are honoured that thousands of customers have chosen to buy a Tranquil Windows Home Server.

Tranquil are also there to help if something goes wrong – or seems to be going wrong.

Your Tranquil Home Server – a great appliance for today’s digital home !

· Hosting your work files, music, videos, pictures etc to your home PCs, and remote connections.

· Backing up all of your Home PCs

· Duplicating Data across multiple Hard Disks

· Etc

All great features, but what if ?

On rare occasions something may go wrong, and what do you do then ?

Tranquil are committed to ensuring their Home Servers are not only built to the highest engineering standards, run as efficiently as possible – even with multi-core processors, but that in the rare event that the server itself needs attention beyond the users knowledge, that Tranquil Home Server Specialist Technicians are there to help – it’s YOUR PRECIOUS DATA after all !

The Home Server Help Add In – from Tranquil, for your peace of mind

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